Faab Consultants


Our consulting company is a leader in providing engineering services in controls and automation. With years of experience in the industry

We are proven experts in the field with extensive experience in the oil and gas and mining industries. Our team of highly skilled engineers possesses the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to deliver reliable, efficient solutions that maximize productivity and lessen downtime.




System Design and Integration: We can help design and integrate control systems for industrial equipment, including sensors, actuators, controllers, and software. This may involve selecting the appropriate hardware and software components, developing control algorithms, and programming the control system.

Process Optimization: WE can analyze existing manufacturing processes and identify opportunities for improvement. This may involve optimizing production throughput, reducing downtime, and improving product quality.

Equipment Selection and Procurement: We can provide guidance on selecting the right equipment for a specific application, including PLCs, HMIs, sensors, and other automation hardware. They may also assist with procurement and vendor selection.

Training and Support: We can provide training for personnel on how to operate and maintain control systems, as well as ongoing support to ensure that the systems continue to function as intended.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: We can assist with compliance and regulatory requirements, such as safety regulations, environmental regulations, and industry standards.